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Possible Alternatives to Shopping At Modcloth

Kobi Jae of Horror Kitsch Bitch's guide to Modcloth Alternatives for Plus Size Vintage and Unique Fashion

So by now, we’re all aware of the devastating news that Modcloth was purchased by, who is owned by Walmart. So, in other words, Walmart now owns Modcloth. YIKES. This is a severe blow to the plus size community, especially the babes on the higher end of the size spectrum. I am so sad for you all (and myself, too!).

Aside from the obvious speculation about the question of future quality and cost, a lot of people have been bringing the age old question of ethics into play. I’m not here to tell you what I think is right or wrong. Heck, I even think the question of “ethics” is a privilege of the straight size world. Considering the severely limited (and exxy) access of fashion in the plus sphere, most of the foundations of ethics (aside from a baseline of human morality) is a luxury we are simply not afforded. Yet. (Viva la revolution)

When I started researching possible alternatives to shopping at Modcloth, I hoped and expected to be able to put together a pretty extensive list of shops and boutiques that would perhaps come close to being able to fill the hole that not shopping at Modcloth will cause. Especially, as I mentioned, for those above a size 22. After all, asides from the small range of in-house Modcloth pieces, these garments are all coming from somewhere, right?!


Well, I mean, right – obviously. But they are nigh on IMPOSSIBLE to be found outside the King Kong grip of Modcloth. I speculate that is because a lot of the small brands who happen to manufacture into the plus size range ONLY DO THIS for Modcloth because:

  1. they are guaranteed a huge and immediate audience, and effectively assured sales. And/or;
  2. Modcloth has made them participate in a contractual agreement of exclusivity.

That’s rough, and where does it leave us? Up shit’s creek without a paddle, my dear friend. (Although, have I mentioned that i’m hard at work behind the scenes preparing to launch a plus size clothing venture?? Add your email and keep up to date, here!)

As I mentioned, I’ve scoured the webz far and wide, and I’ve been looking for specifically quirky and cool (and some vintage/vaguely rockabilly) styles. Although nothing (at the moment) might fill the void of Modcloth, I hope you might find this list small companies helpful. And hey, it’s nice to help the indies out, too! Oh, and this list is in NO PARTICULAR ORDER!

EDIT: There has been an overwhelming response to this post, and it warms my heart to think some people might be inspired to hunt out new places to shop. There have been lots of comments with further suggestions, so this list has been edited to add SIXTEEN additional suppliers, as well as get rid of one (Bernie Dexter, just FYI) whose owner supports neo-nazi activity. Nope, you don’t get our money. 

The comments section here and on social media is filled with healthy debate on sizing and quality, so have a read around and as ALWAYS: please triple check all size charts for yourself. We all know a 4XL somewhere is different to a 4XL somewhere else, and I am only one person… I’m trying my best, but you’ll need to ensure sizing etc for yourself.  

Also, I do have a DESIGNERS AND SHOPS I HEART page right here that has lots of other great places that aren’t necessarily “Modcloth-esque”, so if you’re looking for more shopping inspo, check that out, too! xx


One of my very favourite dresses in the whole world is by this brand, and I got it off Modcloth! I’m so happy to know they are available otherwise. They go up to a 4XL and have the most lovely fabric designs.



UK brand. More formal dresses. Up to UK 26 which (I believe) is a US 22. 15% student discount.



Also higher end styles, up to US size 28. Not specific Modcloth vibes but definitely some overlap.



Eshakti have some total Modcloth-esque gems, PLUS the ability to customise measurements and finishes. They have free returns, even for international (or so my experience in AUS goes!), and a current promo of $25 gift coupon + 10% off + free shipping. Check them out, they go up to a 36 (that’s what i’m talking about!).



Some Hell Bunny stuff is heaps cliche and a bit garish. No judgement if that’s your thing (cos it’s totally mine), but for some people, they don’t always pull prints off with the same ease and class that Modcloth usually does. That being said, there are still heaps of SUPER ADORBS THINGS to be found! They go up to 4XL but it’s been a few years since I tried anything on, and apparently they run a little small these days?



I’ve been a sideline fan of Hello Holiday for a while now. They are a super indie version of Modcloth (so, baby Modcloth) in terms of aesthetic, actually use a plus size model (hurray!), and (from what I know) do lots of great stuff to make sure they are inclusive, feminist and all round rad. According to their size chart, they go up to a 4XL, but do check your measurements (obviously)…



This is a local (Melbourne, Australia) gem that I just have to include because she does some exceptionally beautifulk stuff ranging from asymmetrical vintage beauties (right), to cotton Modcloth vibes (middle – and yes, that’s me!), to stretchy all-over printed deliciousness (left). Whatever your needs, Joolz has got you covered up to a 6XL.



Lady V London is a UK straight size brand that edged into plus size (“Lady Voluptuous”) in collaboration with Georgina Horne of Fuller Figure Fuller Bust. The dresses are made in London, go up to a UK32, and are super cute and sexy vintage repro delights. EDIT: since writing this article I now own my own Lady V dress and cannot sing their praises highly enough! See blog post here



Lindy Bop is another UK company that does vintage reproduction dresses. I’ve had issues (sizing is bizarre – blog post pending), so I seriously recommend googling reviews before you buy anything!  They go up to a UK 26, and have some ridiculously good sales (and affordable shipping). Also note – some of it borders on adorable and tacky. That might not be your thing, but it sure is mine! Hehe.



I haven’t bought anything from PUG (yet), but boy there’s a lot I lust over. As the name suggest, they have lots of the classic pin up style, as well as the occasional goth kitsch. I read something about a recent fiasco with a Chinese New Year collection and some blatant (and poorly handled) cultural appropriation. I don’t know a great deal, but if ethics is your jam, be sure to read up before you purchase. They go up to 4XL. EDIT: there has been a lot of debate over the size and quality on offer by PUG. Some say great, some say terrible. Be sure to do your own research. ALSO: apparently the owner is kind of a shitty person, so again: do your homework if you have ethical issues. 



Steady Clothing is manufactured in the USA and has a small selection that goes up to a 4XL. It’s a bit of a bummer Tess Holliday is the only plus model on the site (stunning as she is, i’d like to see some other fat babes, too!), and the site could use some improvements in it’s level of user friendliness – there is no option to sort via size.


I discovered Tatyana Boutique about 18 months ago when I was living in Boston and visiting NYC recently. I swooned – hard. A few of the pieces I purchase are still treasured amongst my favourites! They stock their own designs, and go up to a 4XL (but how I WISH they went bigger!!).



For me, Unique Vintage is the “where have you been all my life” pick of the litter. They have SUPER CUTE STYLES up to a 6XL/32, Modcloth comparable prices, and the ability to sort via size AND era!! ADORE!!



Micheline Pitt is THE vixen to end all vixens (ex-PUG designer), and her stuff goes up to a 4XL.



Voodoo Vixen is another UK straight size brand that edged into the plus market with the brand spin off “Voodoo Vixen Curve”.  They were nominated for best designer at the 2015 British Plus Size Awards, and go up to a 4XL.



Very cheap stuff (ethics may be an issue for you), and although I found pieces up to 5XL, the size charts seem to run small, so definitely triple check. Also, different items seem to have different size charts, and the site is sadly not searchable by specific size – only general “plus size” category. Including because it was suggested, so some people may find useful. Also similar, Dress Lilly



Very pin-upy/retro reboot with some super cute horror kitsch stuff, and THE MOST ADORABLE plus size model! Sized up to a (genuine?) 4XL, she also uses high quality printing and fabric that (apparently) doesn’t need ironing!



Re/Dress are already listed on my Shopping Resources page, but deserve another mention because they do such excellent stuff, and have some very Modcloth-esque stuff. The owner, Rachel, does such an incredible and intentional job of representation, and their stock (both second hand and new) is all vetted by her, and totally cute AF. Also, they are stocking Retrolicious (and possibly other Modcloth suppliers – soon) and have a masculine and butch section. Fuck yeah.



These folks emailed me to be included on this list, and in the end I decided I would add them for a couple of reasons. 1. Super cute geek-girl prints. 2. Women owned and run (they both used to work at ThinkGeek) 3. They go up to a 4X with a 53” bust. 4. They don’t have a “plus size” section because they make all their dresses up to a 4X. Heck yes. That kind of thinking deserves acknowledgement. Edit: after this article went live, they very kindly sent me one of their dresses to say thanks and it’s on very high rotation in my wardrobe! See here. 



Cherry Velvet are a Canadian vintage-esque clothing company that stock straight and plus sizes up to a 4XL. They have cute prints and some lovely, detailed pieces.



I am absolutely kicking myself for forgetting Smart Glamour on the first iteration of this list (although they are listed on my Shopping Resources page). Mallorie (the owner/designer/creator of each garment/boss bitch) is doing such excellent stuff. All her clothes are made by her, and go from a TRUE size XXS-6XL, PLUS she will happily do custom measurements for a small fee of $20. The diversity and representation she offers is simply amazing. I own one of her dresses (this one) and it is truly so damn comfortable.



People have been asking for Joanie Clothing to be included, and to be honest i’d heard of them but I glossed over when I saw their size chart only went to a XXL. However, upon further inspection (this research is time consuming, just FYI) I see that XXL has a bust that goes to around 52 inches. I wish they extended further with sizing like that, but I think it earns them a spot on the list.



No word of a lie, I absolutely ADORE Size Queen, made by one of the most beautiful humans in the whole world, Bertha Pearl. I had so many people recommend she be added to the list, and she absolutely should because her stuff is so colourful and fun and fresh, and she is all about representation and diversity. Sadly, her website redirects to her Etsy which is currently closed while she moves. Because of that, you’ll have to make do with this photo I took of her in PDX, as well as a few outfits I tried on (with my fierce babe pal, Danger Raegun). Give Size Queen’s Facebook page a like to stay up to date with her.

size-queen-clothing-horror-kitsch-bitch-plus-size-fashion-modcloth-alternative bertha-pearl-size-queen-horror-kitsch-bitch-plus-size-fashion-modcloth-alternative


Ok so somebody suggested this Etsy seller to me, and holy wow i’m in love. Such delightfully vintage cuts, and super cute fabrics. They even have an option where you can choose the style of dress from a bunch of tech drawings, and THEN select your fabric! Best of all, they go up to 4XL in set sizing, but also have custom sizing available.



I debated including CowCow on the list because, although they have lots of fun prints, I don’t think of their fabric choice (a slippery polyester spandex) to be particularly Modcloth-y. BUT, enough people have mentioned them, and I also think their size and price point accessibility is most excellent. Rather than show you the generic thin-girl pics from their site, I decided to include some of my lovely internet and IRL pals donning their purchases. (L. Kath Read of the blog Fat Heffalump, C. Corissa of Fat Girl Flow, and R. Kelly Belly Ohio.)



These folks seem to be American or Canadian, and do totally bespoke pieces in heaps cute novelty prints!



Another UK vintage-esque clothing company that Georgina Horne is involved with (i’m not sure in what capacity, but definitely a brand ambassador). They go up to a UK32 (which I believe is around a US28 – huzzah!), and all the dresses i’ve chosen as an example below go up to that size. They have a specific “1940’s Dresses” categories that does have some super cute stuff!



More super cute vintage dresses, up to 4XL, which have a bust measurement of 52-54 inches. As with everything, please double check all size charts!



Inspired Insanity have been suggested as an Australian boutique that stocks a decent range of plus sizes (apparently up to an AU30) in cool rockabilly/psychobilly styles like Hellbunny, Chicstar, and even their own in-house range! A seemingly cool resource for us Aussies.



I feel like these brands are worth including for you baby fats, but I’m sorry you don’t get pretty pictures cos you (sort of ‘we’) already have more access to resources. Here are some other cool brands I would love to wear if they happened to fit my large-bellied bod.

Living Dead have cool dresses to 2XL and leggings to 3XL

Sourpuss Clothing (who also seem to stock some Folter!) go up to a 3XL.

Iron Fist go up to 3XL and also do rad shoes.

Tragic Beautiful is a boutique that stocks the likes of Killstar, Chicstar, Hearts & Roses London, Sourpuss, Too Fast etc. Unsure on their size range cos the ability to search via size is either individual straight sizes, or just general “plus size” category. Hmm….

Starlet Vintage is a UK boutique that stocks a lot of the above-mentioned brands, AND has the ability to search via specific plus sizes up to a UK 26 (which is US 22).

MODE MERR – I struggled over whether to include these folks because their largest size has a waist of 97cm/38inches which is basically not plus size IMO. But I had so many people comment on social media for it to be included, i’m popping it down here in the baby fat section.

THE HOUSE OF FOXY make adorable stuff, but unfortunately only up to a UK24 (US20-ish). So sad.

TRASHY DIVA get a mention because their stuff is truly beautiful, but unfortunately they also only go up to a UK24. Lucky you, if you fit into their stuff! Oh and if you’re looking for some blogger inspo, The Glambasssador is an incredible beauty and often dressed in their stuff.

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  • kate mcdonnell siciliano

    I recently discovered Laurina Jean Retro, really cute designs, great quality. I think they stock UK size 4-28

  • A 4x at unique vintage is only a size us 20, with bust and waist measurements a full 5 inches smaller than the 4x at modcloth. Their “5x” and “6x”are smaller than the 4x, because they are U.K. Sizing. I wear a 4x at modcloth, and nothing from unique vintage fits me. I would expect that most of we plus size lovelies always check the specific measurements, but I thought it was worth mentioning!

  • Check out Blame Betty, They are located in Albert Canada, but ship worldwide.

  • Di Another Day

    Does anyone have any experience with Demi Loon? I see them pop up on Zulily fairly often and even online they look kind of cheap and sleazy. Are they better quality than they appear?

  • Rachel Hensher

    For those in Canada and the US a small company called Kitty Canuck opened last year as well.

  • Alegra Leeson

    Good picks! You might want to include a dnote about Unique Vintage for some sketchy practices though. They were selling a design by Trashy Diva and then copied it and started selling their own replica of it.

  • Andrew Davis

    Lots of retailers selling these items, like my store Cats Like Us. We don’t carry everything (we’re a REAL indie retro retailer, 3 person company!) but always carry plus sizing if its available in the items we choose.

  • Violet

    This isn’t quite an alternative, but I’ve had a lot of luck finding Modcloth items on the secondhand clothing app Poshmark. They are often in perfect condition, and the prices are great. And I don’t feel guilty buying from there post-Modcloth-Walmart-acquisition since it’s all secondhand.

    Shameless plug: if you’re new to Poshmark, sign up within the app (not the website) using referral code UNXAZ to get $5 off your first purchase. First purchase also has 99 cent shipping, yay!

  • I had a feeling that was the case – their website(s) actually ooze of that vibe. However I did include them because a few people had recommended them to me, so some people are having decent experiences (or maybe decent compared to the price point, so on par for expectation?). I’m just going to leave it there and let people do their own research/make up their own mind. It seems people are reading these comments, so i’m sure your heads up will be handy info for some 🙂

  • Sara Bosley

    Hey ladies, is a good alternative. They have super cute clothing similar to modcloth and they have plus sizes.

    • Thanks for the tip – I hadn’t heard of them! Upon inspection it seems (from the product photos) that all the plus size stuff is the brand Chic Star. Do you know if that’s true?

      • Sara Bosley

        No problem! Sorry for the super late reply. Right now it’s just Chic Star but they told me their suppose to be adding more brands. Their affiliate sister site has more brands.

  • Ro_Antigone

    I just want to say that I’d also recommend “Effie’s Heart.” I got several dresses via Modcloth by that label. While their official “plus size” selection is small, I find that the so-called XL dresses in jersey can easily accommodate a 1x, at least.

  • Linda Sendyk

    cowcow cheap polyester material. oblong box shop super cute but all the skirts are super small on the waist. voodoo vixen didn’t even come up with a plus size line this season except for one dress. And what is beyond annoying is when Retrolicious whom Iove comes out with the best dress and then it only goes up to an XL.

    • The general consensus from all my CowCow-loving friends is that the fabric is cheap-medium quality, but also expected at that price point. So, not necessarily a negative, according to them (and myself, TBH). Good to know about the others.

      And YES that is so annoying about the Retrolicious sizes. Some of my favourite dresses EVER are from them, and it’s so disappointing when we’re left out. If you like their aesthetic but want more consistent size accessibility, you should consider signing up to this list ( to find out about when my clothing stuff drops 😉

  • Hilariosaurus

    I would seriously recommend against Buttons Buttons and instead suggest replacing with Stitchy Maven. I have had friends order from both and be constantly disappointed by the way Buttons Buttons stuff has turned out, as well as her extremely rude attitude when politely asking her to correct things (she has been known to call her customers names for being upset with the way their purchases turn out). However, I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about Stitchy Maven and her amazing customer service on top of her beautiful well-done work. Please consider this substitute instead, for the sake of those who will most likely be disappointed with their purchases if they go with the former.

    • Thanks for taking the time to share you friends experience – that sucks to hear. I did, however, have Buttons Buttons suggested by a couple of people, so it seems there are those who are having good experiences. Most people who are reading this article are also reading the comments, it seems, so i’m sure they’ll read your tip and explore both options 🙂

  • People giving you flack for this post can go and eat a big, TACKY. DICK.

    Sourcing niche aesthetics for a maligned sizing group is REALLY FUCKING HARD. I did a post about re-creating ‘vintage’ looks that didn’t use dresses and catered for at least a size 26 and that shit took me FOREVER to research because it barely exists.

    So all this nit picking isn’t constructive or helpful; it’s shitty and petty. By all means talk about sizing experiences, customer service, and brand ethics. These are important when making a decision. But y’all need to stop acting like Kobi is responsible or should know everything. Give a heads up not a talking down.

    Kobi, stop apologising for not pleasing the entire world. Just stay your rad self.

    That said thank you for making this awesome post. There are loads of recommendations and I’m excited to check some stuff out. This is excellent stuff, kiddo x

    • I love you, so much. Like, more than I love big, tacky dicks. Which is a lot. Thank you. xx

  • GP

    This is the new bible, seriously. This + comment section = my new go to. Thank you!

    • YES! Always the article + comments (well, for this sort of thing. Sometimes NEVER the comments. Hehe). I’m glad you found it useful! xx

  • Hey thanks for the tip/s. I hope they do branch out, but until then I can’t justify putting an L or XL on the list 🙂

  • I agree with ALL OF THIS. I have also only heard good things about eShakti, and i’m SO GLAD they are finally shipping to Aus! I bought 3 things off them with custom measurements and although 1 didn’t fit well at all, they were great to organise the return and refund with little hassle and no cost to me. Everyone makes mistakes, it’s how they handle it. And they handled it well, IMO.

  • I actually said “SOME OF IT borders on adorable and tacky”. Unless I was literally holding up an exact dress and saying “THIS IS BAD”, then there’s no way you can infer i’m directly talking shit about someone’s style. I’m not “talking down” to anyone’s style, even my own – did you not read my original reply to you? I USE THOSE WORDS AS POSITIVES. Anyway, why are you here on my page, picking apart semantics like this? It’s not helpful to anyone, so I hope it at least makes you feel good about yourself. Bye.

  • Kobi – this blog post is amazing! What a great resource you have created for us all. Thank you!

    • Thanks so much Rachel, that really means a lot! I hope you find some snazzy stuff! <3

  • Paula

    I would also recommend Trashy Diva.

    • I love their stuff but sadly they don’t go very big. I included them briefly in the baby fats section. Thank you! 🙂

  • Sandee Marie sizes 12-26, vintage, butch, and TEGGINGS.

  • QueenBlancheD

    It’s a little spendy but I ordered a dress from here:

    She was so lovely to deal with and the dress is amaze. She does everything with the option for customization.

  • rachel kacenjar

    Just a note about Unique Vintage– their 4x is equivalent to a size 18. We work with them at Re/Dress and are stockists, but the sizing is super off, so make sure you check the size chart!

  • So much cuteness! Thank you so much! 😀

  • Heather Kendrick

    There’s also Cherry Velvet.

    • They are to be included in the list update – great stuff! Thanks for the tip! 🙂

    • Dee Lushious

      Yes! I have like, four or five of their dresses! They have some dresses that are particularly great for less hourglass-shaped fatties — most of their styles flare out from the bust line, without much waist definition. Lol that’s actually why I don’t have more of theirs, as I am naturally super hourglass, and also make/wear corsets that accentuate this further, and that’s lost on their big skirted dresses! But I fricking love that I can wear them without foundation garments, THAT THEY HAVE POCKETS!!!!!!! and that I can just toss them in the washing machine!

    • Yes!! I added them! Thank you!

  • Nati Mami
    • HOLY SHIT. Ok, that is just not on. I did not know about this – I am literally taking them off the list right now. I believe the fat community has such serious access problems that morals aren’t always able to be at the forethought of making clothing selections, but this is FUCKED. Not on. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

  • Carla Amenta
    • Thanks for the info. I didn’t know about that, but of course a lot of these brands are quite narrow-minded when it comes to considering inclusion in their size range. None of them do good enough. At all. It’s shit that we have so few options, especially when you add ethics and morals into the mix (if you read my actual post).

      Bernie Dexter isn’t “my number one”, it’s not in any sort of an order, and i’ve never purchased from a lot of these places. My hope with the post was to offer a springboard for people to go forth and do THEIR OWN research… and be inspired in a time of despair… I’m only one person, and I don’t get paid to write this stuff or anything. It’s just something I do for love of my community. So thanks for the info because comments and discussion generated is important. But yeah – maybe you don’t need to be combative with someone who’s just trying to help?

      • Carla Amenta

        Not combative at all, so please excuse me if it came through that way. The article is helpful of course, it was just very surprising to see a well-known racist and body shamer, (who btw was dropped by Modcloth for her shady practices a few years ago) on the “nice” list. I believe in being a conscious customer, so I always vote with my wallet and hope others will do too.

        And to be helpful, none of the BD fabrics are custom fabrics, they are all freely available for anyone to buy for a few bucks (most of them Michael Miller – serenity, cherry tree lane, winter; or Robert Kaufmann – lipstick, cats, candies, etc). So if anyone feels uncomfortable supporting BD, but like the aesthetic, they can make their own clothing using the same fabrics x

        • Sorry if I was a little sensitive. I’ve been copping a surprising amount of flack for this post, so am feeling a bit blah.

          Re BD: I hadn’t heard about these issues before, even in my research – and being a blogger, I exist on the internet quite a lot, so not sure how I didn’t find out. Anyways, I’m glad it was brought to my attention and i’ve made it well known in the list update and my recent social media posts that they have been removed for serious issues around fat shaming and supporting the confederate flag. Thanks for the fabric designers tips! x

  • Traci LaDue

    I hadn’t heard about any problems with a chinese new year collection at Pin Up Girl, but they are one of my absolute favorite places to shop. The sizes of the majority of their clothes run pretty true, and while they are a little on the pricey side, the clothing is usually incredibly well made.

    I found the sizes at PUG to be a little more accurate than those of Unique Vintage, (The stores are only a few blocks from each other) and while UV stocks clothing made from many different companies including Stop Staring, and Hell Bunny, PUG is all designed in house.

    Also, thank you, I love your list!

    • Carla Amenta

      PUG quality has gone sooo downhill since Micheline left, in the past 6-8 months. The pug boycott has over 1000 signatories, all excustomers who stopped buying from the brand because of the bullying and racism perpetrated by the owner.

      • Agreed – Laura is pretty horrible to people online who disagree with her. Mistakes happen, it’s all about how you handle it, and she’s proven time and time again that she is a bully.

  • Katelyn

    Omg bless you! I have been dealing with a lot of ‘okay but what now’ feelings since I heard the news, since modcloth was essentially my dream wardrobe. I am not sure if you have done a post like this in the past, but do you have any thoughts on places that supply low cost, extended size wedding dresses, as Modcloth does? Any white dress will do, really. Both my partner and I are fat babes and we planned on getting our dresses from Modcloth, so I would love to hear your input!

    • Thanks so much for your support! Obviously this isn’t an all-inclusive list, but all the conversation generated around it is pretty great for filling in more blanks. TBH I have never really thought about extended wedding dress stuff (it’s not on my horizon – hehe), but I will ask around and see what I can come up with!

    • Juli Bruno

      I am a baby fat, bought my wedding dress from (made in China) they do custom sizing for $20, and cheap to begin with. I still had to alter for my 34j’s but they did a great job overall. You would be sure to get a base dress that you can work with.

    • Delora

      e-shakti does wedding dresses in their custom sizing. Might be worth checking them out (they’re on the list).

  • UnsaidOnSet

    There’s also Witch Worldwide, who do very goth/hipster goth stuff:

    Though, I don’t know, the way you repeatedly talk about Hell Bunny and some other brands being “cliche and garish” is pretty off-putting. I came here from a post on Facebook, so I don’t know your taste, and can’t adjust for “your taste versus mine”. And the whole point of ModCloth was oddball, quirky clothes, so it feels real weird for a girl who likes cat dresses (which is both you and me) to call something garish. We’re here for oddball style, right? So why call someone else’s style tacky?

    • Sorry if it came off that way, but since you are new to my page, let me give you a quick rundown: I am tacky and garish. Unabashedly. Flith and tack and gore and bizarre is my life. I use those words to describe myself on the regular, and do so in the same way I use the word FAT. It is not meant to be offensive, it is a way of reclaiming the kook and the quirk. In this particular post, I have offered those warnings up because not everybody else cares to dress that way. In fact, I have many people say “I love your style ON YOU, but it’s just not for me.” This means I am ACUTELY AWARE that not everyone wants to dress the way I do.

      In the phrasing of my analysis of eShakti and my use of the word dowdy, I do understand why you might think i’m being mean about someone else’s style. But a) I am saying it about a company, not a person (I would NEVER say that about a direct person’s style) and b) I genuinely do find some of their stuff a bit dowdy. I didn’t say exactly WHAT, so surely nobody can be offended if they happened to like that exact thing?

      Anyway, this is a blog about my personal style and tastes, and I’m allowed to have an opinion in the exact same way that if you don’t like that opinion, you don’t have to hang around. I hope you got some value from the list, and yes I love Witch Worldwide (they are included on my general shopping resources link and I shout them out regularly on ) but didn’t include them in this list cos I don’t find them particularly resonant with the Modcloth style – which was the focus of this post.

    • Ros

      She isn’t calling someone else’s style “tacky”, that’s your word. Also, this is her blog and her opinion. Everyone is free to make up their own mind about what clothes they want to buy or not. It’s okay to have a difference of opinion on this, it wasn’t a personal slight.

  • Laura

    Jibri and Rue107 are plus size indie brands that do some beautiful/fun stuff — Jibri is higher in price range than Rue107, but I figure they’re both worth noting. Neither have the specific modcloth vibe, but hey, Rue107 has plus size swimwear, and Jibri has plus size pool coverups, so that’s really nice.

  • Frai Benevolent

    Many of these brands that claim to go up to 4X run very small. If you look at their size charts, a lot of the brands listed above actually top out at something around 18/20 because their size 4X is comparable to a “regular” plus size (for example, if you look at Torrid’s size chart next to theirs) 18ish.

    To be more specific: Bernie Dexter claims to go up to 4X, but their 4X has a bust measurement of 50 inches and a waist of 41 inches. If you compare that to Torrid’s sizing, it would be the equivalent of between a size 18-20.

    Hello Holiday’s “4X” has a 49-50″ bust measurement and a 42″ waist. Again, that would be around equivalent to a Torrid size 20 at most.

    Lindy Bop sizing seems reasonable/equivalent to the North American plus sizes they claim to carry, but if you do a quick search by size in the dresses category, as a trial, and select “22-26” as your size range, exactly ONE thing comes up, and it is a crinoline petticoat, not even an actual dress.

    Pinup Girl seems true to size according to their size charts.

    Unique Vintage, like ModCloth, is size dependent on which brand the item is from, and MANY of the brands they carry run very small. For example, the size equivalent of a 3X from the Stop Staring brand is a size 16. Usually, 3X is at least 20/22 if not 22/24.

    Tatyana’s 4X is the numerical size equivalent of a size 16/18 as well.

    Hell Bunny runs at least one full size small and sometimes two full sizes depending on their size charts (and from having owned and tried on several of their dresses).

    It’s possible that the size charts are inaccurate and that some of these brands actually would fit higher sizes than their measurements claim, but it is always really disappointing to me to see brands advertise as carrying up to 4X or size 26, etc., and then to find out that their sizing is only so “generous” because they run ridiculously small.

    • Absolutely, I couldn’t agree more. I hope that people have the sensibilities to check size charts for themselves, but given that we (plus size people) have to do the majority of our shopping online, I guess we’re all pretty adept at that. Also, I just generally HATE the 1X/2X etc sizing structure. Like, what does that even MEAN? Descriptors like “large” and even “small” are completely subjective… it seems like a bogus system if you ask me. I wish there were more and better options for everyone – especially for those about a size 20. *HMPH*

    • QueenBlancheD

      Yes. Thank you! So much stuff runs small.

  • Ros

    Thank you for this. You are a a glorious human. X

    • Thank you so much, Ros. That really means a lot. I didn’t realise how much attention this post would get, and people have been coming out the woodwork to critique it and my efforts. I’m just like, people, I did not get PAID to do this. I just did it for love of my community. It’s not ever going to be all inclusive, or have every tiny bit of detail you want to know. I just wrote a thing cos I was feeling sad and wanted to explore options. Guess you can’t please everyone, right?

  • Ean Murphy

    Size Queen Clothing has a different esthetic than Mod, but they go way up in sizes and Bertha (founder) is a lovely human!

  • I wouldn’t recommend eshakti if you’re switching away from modcloth for either poor quality or poor treatment of workers. Eshakti uses sweatshops in India, and the dye in their clothing fades really quickly (I have several pieces from the store.)

    Additionally, PUG sizes really small—a lot of these places do vintage sizing as well as vintage clothing. I wear a size 20 in pant and probably wear a 3X or 4X in their brands. Their clothing is all made in the USA, though.

    Tatyana also uses vintage sizing.

    I haven’t tried LeBomb Shop yet, but it looks to be pretty cheaply made with American sizing. Take it as you will. If you want to do digging, you can also look through Amazon. I’ve found some gems there.

    I haven’t heard of a lot of these, though!

    • eShakti info: wow, this is shocking! Can I ask where you heard that stuff, and if you have any links? I’ve only ever read good things about their worker treatment (ie. and but obviously that information is provided by the company itself and can’t always be trusted.

      PUG I have never actually ordered anything from, but I have had people on other social media channels saying the same thing as you, but others also saying they think PUG run true to size. Ha! I guess it just goes to show we all need to make firm friends with all size charts. Bummer.

    • MoxieDanger

      I disagree about PUG. I find they run pretty true to size. You say you wear a 20 in pants. That would be a 3X in most brands. So depending on the garment size, you would be a 3X in PUG. I’ve been wearing PUG for years now. 🙂

  • aliekevanvessem

    I would agree that Hell Bunny run’s very small. I don’t know what it was like before, but when i order something from Hell Bunny I always pick the largest size (4XL) and that’s usually very snug. In comparison to other brands their 4XL is more like a 2XL/3XL or a EU size 48. It’s good to keep that in mind if you’re ever ordering anything there.

    • Yeah I think the last time I wore HB was a few years ago and I was much smaller, and even then I was 2X in a halter dress with a shirred back. I doubt I would fit their stuff anymore, but i’m happy for those who can! 🙂

  • Karen

    Inspired Insanity stocks a large range of plus sizes from popular brands like Hell Bunny and Chicstar as well as their own in-house brand which is available up to Australian size 22.

    • I actually did peep Inspired Insanity but I wasn’t aware that they had an in-house brand! That’s so great! I will defs check them out again – thanks for the info, Karen!

  • Courtney M

    Smart Glamour is one place whose clothes I’ve lusted after and they make clothes from XXS – 6x!

    • Absolutely! Mallorie is doing really amazing stuff, and she is a one-woman powerhouse. Much respect 🙂

  • Laura Berryman

    I like the variety of options from Simply Be, specifically the Joe Brown’s line. A lot of the floral prints have a retro feel.

    • I actually have never purchased anything from Simply Be, but I will take a look at the Joe Brown line – thanks Laura! 🙂