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Death Moth Double Trouble
(feat. Candy Strike)

It’s not a secret… I have a HUGE crush on Elizabeth Denneau; the creative genius behind indie fashion label Candy Strike. I crush on her in just about every way a person can be crushed on; personality, talent, style, and looks. She has got it going on in alllll the ways! Like take for example this quote that i’m stealing from her “About Me” page:

“I believe in fearless fashion, in smirks, in unapologetic displays of style, in happy-sassy girls strutting their stuff causing mischief and fun where they go. I believe in being nice, but fierce. I believe in owning your presence through fashion. If you wear my designs you have to own your presence – and baby, it’s beautiful!”
– Elizabeth

Can I just say?…

Mama Ru fist pumping says it better than I ever could.

Hailing from Arizona (or as she so ADORABLY puts it; “the land of cactus and dust devils”), she’s a total fashion rebel who channels her wicked style and mischievous attitude into all of her clothes (which, by the way, are available in straight to plus sizes). I first came across her stuff a couple of years ago via Jes Baker of The Militant Baker, and I was instantly in lust with her work. I purchased a couple of tops from her: the “Thick Chick” crop, and the “Beat it Creep” full length – because anybody who loves Cry Baby and John Waters as much as I do is an instant fashion friend. The quality of her clothes is unreal – both tops have withheld many a wear and wash without fading or stretching, and you can legit feel the love in every item.

So as you can imagine, I was so flipping honoured and delighted when Elizabeth asked me (ME?!) if i’d like to preview a couple of pieces from her new collection!! “Ummm YES PLEASE!” She so very kindly gifted me this 2 piece “Death Moth” outfit, and I had SO MUCH FUN playing dress ups with it that i’ve decided to do a… *dun dun dun*… THREE PART POST!

That’s right, hold on to the handrail, grandma! I have decided to do a 3 part post to show how i’ve styled this outfit wearing both pieces together (this post), and then separately! I’ve never done this before and those asshole voices in my head are being quite negative about it all, but fuck it i’ma do it anyway. If you get bored and flick back to netflix, I totally don’t even blame you. I just got it and it’s changed my life. For reals. As in, I now don’t have a life.

ComboI’ve seen a few other blogger babes also preview pieces from the collection, and it’s made me nervous and excited to be showing a Southern Hemisphere interpretation! The day I took these photos it wasn’t too cold, so I didn’t wear any tights. Plus, you know – flaunt them neon winter gams! I’m totally loving the retro-ish vibe the turtleneck shirt underneath is giving me (thus secretarial note-taking pose above), and i’m tremendously in love with the grey of this fabric… Sometimes it shows up a bit pink, sometimes a bit purple. It’s like a mood ring of the textile world!

If you don’t know of Candy Strike, you should really get on that quick smart. In fact, it’s perfect timing since her latest limited edition collection “Beautiful Creatures” is on pre-sale RIGHT NOW! But be quick! It’s only til the 5th of July!

This crop top is found here, and the skirt is here – I can’t wait to show you my other 2 looks (EDIT: other 2 looks can be found HERE and HERE), using the pieces separately! I will post one of Monday, and one of Wednesday. See ya’ll then! xx

PS. Thanks and love to Sam for taking these photos <3

Death Moth Crop Top and Skater Skirt by Candy Strike. The first in a series of 3 blog posts on HorrorKitschBitch.com, featuring these 2 pieces in 3 different outfits!
DISCLAIMER: In case you didn’t guess, this is a sponsored post, but as always: opinions are entirely my own and as much as I love fashion, my thoughts and feelings cannot be purchased. I love this because I love this, not for any other reason!

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