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Ii Desuka? Ii Desune!

AHHHH I can’t believe this month is over, AND that i’m just scraping it in with my Alternative Curves August post! Ironically, I did these photos in JULY before I left Australia. But, well, i’ve been having such an amazing trip and a much needed rest from all kinds of reality, I hadn’t gotten around to writing up my post.

Mine and Sam’s Route 66 road trip has come to an end, and tomorrow we are leaving Chicago to set up in Boston for uni orientation the next day. So many feelings of excitement and nervousness! I’ve been a bit slack about it – I need to back track and upload all my favourite photos – but if you’d like to keep an eye on our travels, i’ve made a tumblr blog (mostly for my own benefit of compiling my adventure in one spot). It’s here.

Anywho, the theme this month is Japanese Streets and although it’s slightly cliche to automatically jump to a Harajuku-style interpretation, I actually visited there when I was 11 years old and it was such an eye-opening and inspiring experience to have at such a tender, whee age. In particular, I remember a super shy baby Kobi nervously approaching the outrageous babe in the photo below, holding out my camera, and shakily asking “ii desuka?” (“is this ok?”). She nodded once, slowly, and struck what was probably her signature pose. ARGH. YES!!!!

HarajukuGirl_Circa1999All these years later, I look back at that photo and I ponder:

1. Was this a beginning of my love of out-of-the-box style and attitude?

2. WHY oh WHY was I obsessed with photo caption stickers?

Regardless, I still wonder who she is and what she does now, where her life has taken her, and if she continues to dress in garbage bags from time to time. I also think this photo has really resonated with me over the years because it so directly aligns with my belief that it’s not WHAT you wear, it’s HOW you wear it. Style is also an attitude. Don’t you think?

HorrorKitschBitch_JapaneseStreets02(Yes, those are bloody zombie scabs on my knees. Just cos I can.)HorrorKitschBitch_JapaneseStreets03HorrorKitschBitch_JapaneseStreets04HorrorKitschBitch_JapaneseStreets05

Sadly, I don’t know who else will be participating this month, but if and when they get in on the action, you can see them below alongside Fashion and Pho and myself! 🙂


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