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We’re All Born Naked… And The Rest Is Drag!

Greetings, fellow fatshion lovers! I come to you today from the comfort of my bed, surrounded by candy wrappers and books about fashion and feminism. It’s a cruel world, ain’t it? This is the final month on the Alternative Curves blog hop calendar, and at present it is fairly undecided as to whether we will be continuing on with the hop. Life gets life-y, and then hops don’t get hoppy, and sometimes it’s just better to take a little break and reassess. In the meantime, the hashtag and account over on Instagram will always continue to be a gorgeous community of fierce and supportive babes, so please do join in!

The theme this month is Drag Queen, and well, I just ADORE the art of drag. My favourite Queen of all time is Divine, and I often think I should devote my life to being a Bio-Queen. But I also have a fuckton of other things i’d like to accomplish, so instead I just try to inject some Drag Queen Realness into my everyday life! (y)

This look was inspired by Manila Luzon when she first entered the workroom in season 3 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. I really like Manila, but I wouldn’t say she is one of my ultimate favourites in the entire history of the show. HOWEVER – up until that point, I had appreciated the styles worn by the Queens, but that was the first look that made me legit MOIST. And the looks represented on the show have continued to escalate in unique insanity from that point onwards (in my humble opinion).

I actually wanted to do a really detailed cosplay of this outfit, but I kind of ran out of time before I left Australia. So this is just an “inspired by” or “homage to” kinda thing. If you want to see some OFF THE CHAIN Drag cosplay, check out my girl; Lacey Noel. She totally OWNS.

Anyways, I need to watch a few more makeup tutorials cos I still feel like a total n00b when i’m trying to beat my mug real good. Send me your favs, please!


Dress: City Chic -Currently available similar ones here and here
Faux fur: vintage – Similar here
Tights: Can’t even remember!! Similar at We Love Colours
Heels: Demonia
Earrings: vintage (were my Nan’s) – Similar here
Gloves: a plain white pair under black lace – Similar here
Headband: DIY mannequin hand glued onto a headband with a cig holder!


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