2015 Best Nine : Fatshion Inspo Edition

It’s the end of another mini era… another notch on the bed post of life’s years. I’m sure (like everyone else) you’re looking back over the past 52 weeks, and, if you’re anything like me you’re possibly feeling a restless mish-mash of relief, exhaustion, accomplishment, pride, excitement and nerves for 2016.

Since Instagram is my preferred platform of social media (despite the fact i’ve been a bit less attentive to it whilst on my travels these past few months), I’ve been noticing a lot of those “2015 Best Nine” grids popping up, and it’s got me reflecting on some of my favourite posts of other people over the year. So I thought, fuck it – you’ve had enough of my mug for a minute; let’s check out some other babes’ posts that have really tickled my pickle over the last 365 days.

It was a stupidly hard choice, I had about 30 that almost instantly popped to mind, and heaps more as I started making my list (and checking it twice). So, I have to qualify this by saying that these are just some of my favourite Insta posts, from some of my favourite and most inspiring fatshion babes. Seriously though: the well be deep.

Without further ado, and in no particular order:

1. @ladyv33

Seriously – Frankie’s Monster; all day erryday. Veronica has this horror shit on lockdown – a
woman after my own heart. 

2. @curvesbecomeher

There are so many things I love about this outfit, and about Aarti herself. She’s always honest,
always bold, and always inspirational. Most impressively, she makes me want to wear white.

3. @margotmeanie

No, thanks. I’m good! 😉 #alternativecurves #psootd #fatshion

A photo posted by margot meanie 🌙 (@margotmeanie) on

Margot is my @alternativecurves sister in crime, and my ultimate queen of black minimalist
chic. Sometimes grungy, sometimes clean, her looks are always so perfectly put together and
her natural aesthetic is crystal clear. She inspires me to want to wear pants!

4. @fatshionpeepshow

I can’t even with Stina. The woman is a pure horror goddess, and my makeup and hair colour
idol. You know how sometimes you see people who are so in a niche that it almost seems
contrived? Not Stina – she is so authentically legit.

5. @readytostare

This collection and new website launch from Alysse’s indie label Ready To Stare was a breath
of fresh fatshion air, and everything I love. In your face; vaguely tacky; very, very cool. She’s on
my list of designers that I truly heart

6. @chubbycartwheels

Another of my fav indie designers – Chubby Cartwheels! Shawna is not only one of my very
favourite snapchatters, but a total style maven and fatshion blogger, too. This F*CK
FLATTERING shirt is what dreams are made of. Some of my other favs are her Diet Industry
 tee, and her new Sluts With Guts top.

7. @hantisedeloubli

This. Girl. I bow at this kitsch queen’s feet and worship all that she wears. When I grow up, I
want to be Hantise. I think what really makes me relate is that she’s also a style chameleon:
sometimes bubblegum pop, sometimes grungy goth, often something in between. If you can’t
get enough of her Instagram (I know you can’t), then check her blog

8. @theheftyhideaway

I knew I loved Nicole before I even saw her feed – with a name like “The Hefty Hideaway“, we
were always destined to be kindred style souls. When she’s not in this incred fatkini, she’s often
clad in swing skirts or something deliciously tight, plenty of leather with patches and buttons,
glasses to make Mink Stole envious, and hair jacked to Jesus. A true trash queen.

9. @rosariummm

Last one maybe?☺️💕 Ps. The skirt is from the Thrift store / Diy

A photo posted by 🇨🇱🌹Rosa🌹🇲🇽 (@rosariummm) on

Rosa is the epitome of kawaii kitsch babydoll. How can one girl look so cute and yet so badass,
literally all of the time?!

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