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Luscious Leopard and a Wooden Watch (feat. JORD)

Hiya from Boston! I hope everyone is loving their respective shifts in temperature! I’ve been dying for it to hurry up and get proper cold, and it’s slowly getting there. I’m headed to New Orleans for Halloween tomorrow and I think it’s warm and humid there… i’ve been watching films like Waterboy to get myself even more excited for the bayou! * insert banjo music *

So here’s a secret… I’ve been feeling a little bit decadent lately! As you know, I struggled to find clothes here in the USA for ages, and now that i’ve recovered from that situation – every outfit I wear seems to have a bunch of new pieces in it. I haven’t been posting a lot lately because i’m designing my new blog (eeeek so exciting) but I have been taking lots of photos, and man I feel like a spoilt brat.

To top it all off, i’ve been gifted this really lovely watch from Jord Wood Watches and i’m just like ERMAGERD ALL THE PRETTY THINGS.

Now as you may have noticed, I don’t really wear watches very often (y’know, my phone being an extension of my hand and all…). But when they make for a gorgeous accessory to adorn my outfit like a mechnical wooden star on my metaphorical christmas tree – well, i’m in!

This little darling is an absolute gem – it’s made from contrasting darker and lighter wood, and you can see all the little interlocking cogs moving around under the watch face. As Jacqui noted when she was gifted one a while back, it’s also super quiet – a big bonus! My other favourite thing is that it has a really large face. Ladies watches are usually far too feminine for my liking, so I love the fact that Jord have some unisex options that would look great on just about anyone.

My skirt is from Domino Dollhouse, and it was one the last pieces available in their massive closing down sale (sad face). It was only available in a size 22 which is a tiny bit big for me, so i’ve tacked the sides as much as possible AND I worked out a super cool trick for too big skirts with wide waist bands: put a thin width belt on but towards the bottom half of the band, and wrap the top down over. Ta-da! Fits perfectly, adds a little extra gather, and looks pretty darn cute! You decide for yourself!


It seems this the photoshoot where I look literally everywhere but at the camera. 


As always, thanks and love to Sam for snapping these photos!


SKIRT Domino Dollhouse (now deceased)
TOP Primark
SHOES Forever 21
NECKLACE Roswell UFO Museum
LIPPIE Colourpop in ‘Dr. M’
WATCH JORD Wood Watches

Wooden Watches by JORD

As i’m sure you noticed, an item in this post was gifted for review. But as always: opinions are entirely my own and as much as I love fashion, my thoughts and feelings cannot be purchased. I love this because I love this, not for any other reason! 🙂

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