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What Fat Girls ACTUALLY Wear (BAM! KAPOW!)

Ok. So. *deep breath* I am really. super. pumped about this and I am just DYING to let y’all know about a project i’ve been busy preparing behind the scenes with my pals @hantisedeloubli and @a0k!

* drum roll *

It’s a new Instagram account called What Fat Girls Actually Wear (@whatfatgirlsactuallywear), and it’s a space for size and style inclusivity with the aim of helping babes (that’s you!) find currently available and off the charts cool threads – IN SIZE FAT.

Welcome to the What Fat Girls ACTUALLY Wear page! ✨👯✨ This is a size and style inclusive resource for currently available plus size fashion where we’ll be featuring fats with fierce looks and a strong aesthetic, and letting you know where you can find the pieces for yourself! There’ll be styling tips, notifications of designer collections as they drop, indies you should be aware, and body positive bits and pieces – just to start with! 💯💅🏻💄 Please use the hashtag, and feel free to DM us images for consideration – but PLEASE also include tags for where to find the pieces you’re wearing so others can easily gather inspiration. We are so excited to be a part of bringing quality and stylish fatshion into the mainstream! 👗💚🙌🏻 Lastly, huge love and thanks to @readytostare for letting us use her ever-glorious manicured hand as our DP – a true tribute to the rebellious spirit of every fat person who dares to wear EXACTLY what they want to! 💅🏻🖕🏻🔥 #whatfatgirlsACTUALLYwear

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ARGH. I haven’t taken enough deep breaths. Struggling to form sentences. Ok I’m just gonna do a WWWWWH breakdown on this baby:


ALL THE FAT BABES. And I mean ALL. From inbetweenies to super fats, from people who consider their own style to be conservative to trendy to just plain “weird”. If you have a strong aesthetic and own your looks, you are welcome. And if you don’t (just yet) – we want you too! And hopefully you will soon… *grins*


The three of us are going to be featuring girls and their OOTD posts with the places to shop tagged in the photo, with the goal for it to be all currently available, or as recent as possible. We’re also going to be keeping you up to date on new collections that launch, as well as “loving this piece from this designer” kind of things. Heck, maybe even some polyvore boards/flat lay kind of stuff if we’re feeling extra snazzy and inspired! There’ll probs even be some makeup-y, nail-y type stuff involved too – after all, Stacey is a Sephora babe and Lexie is a total glamour queen! Me, i’m just over here like “is there lipstick on my teeth?!” But I will cheer from the sidelines – hehe.


Ok, there’s not really a when. Just – NOW. We launched the page very recently, so get amongst it!



WHY – i’m so glad you asked

As you may know, last year I wrote a blog post about how much H&M sucks for pretending to have a plus size section (ie. asking for our money) but never actually providing us with anything other than shapeless sacks and khaki crap while the rest of their store is heavin’ with sequins, minis and all other manner of adorableness. I encouraged people to use a new hashtag – #whatfatgirlsactuallywear – as a way of expressing their style, promoting solidarity, and acting as a visual petition against those kinds of companies and people who try to keep us in that box.

Fast forward to now, and there have been some spectacularly awesome and regular contributors! Any time I flick through the tag I am legit overwhelmed by some of the sensational style happening over there!!

I honestly find so much inspiration there, just as I do with the #alternativecurves spaces – but as my style (and brain space) has evolved, i’m feeling a move away from the term “alternative” as my identity. I’ve also had it pointed out that some people (whom I consider to have KILLER and UNIQUE personal style) feel kind of intimidated by that label because they don’t have body mods and so don’t feel welcome to participate, and that really gets me down.

I guess for me the idea of “alternative” is just anything that differentiates from the norm – but as fat positive spaces are opening up and becoming readily available, i’m feeling more and more inspired by the fact that ALL FAT WOMEN WHO CHOOSE TO WEAR EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT TO ARE ALTERNATIVE TO THE MAINSTREAM CULTURE OF SIZE OPPRESSION AND BODY-SHAMING. That just SCREAMS alternative, in every way.

On top of everything else I just wrote (i’m shutting up soon, I promise), i’ve found in my own blogging experiences that a lot of people ask me where they can source certain pieces that i’m wearing, but because A) I thrift so much, and B) I’m in the opposite season to most other places (Australia), I’m not always wearing currently available stuff in my photos. So I really want an outlet to help girls find rad stuff as it becomes available, because nothing gives me greater joy than seeing fat babes rocking their very own personal brand of awesome – whatever that may be!

HOW to get involved

1. Use the hasthag #whatfatgirlsACTUALLYwear. The capital letters are obviously void of any additional search power, but they give a certain emphasis and OOMPH that I totally get down on!
2. DM us your photos – but be sure that all tags are included in the message.
3. Alert us to items you love on your fav designers accounts (ie. “@whatfatgirlsactuallywear check this amaze skirt out!!”)
4. Feeling super snazzy? Send us your outfit wishlist in polyvore board/flat lay style! I might even do a blog tutorial on how I like to use Polyvore, but in the meantime this is a pretty straightforward beginners’ tutorial.
Lastly, but certainly not least(ly?), I’d like to say a tonne of thanks to Alysse Dalessandro of Ready to Stare for letting us use her gloriously manicured hand as our DP. I really admire Alysse and think she perfectly represents the rebellious and triumphant spirit that I hope will be reflected in WFGAW. And am constantly in awe of her gorgeous claws, to boot!

Here’s our adorable team, we hope to see you over there! x

Hi there, I’m Lexie (@a0k) and I’m obsessed with vintage everything and mermaids! I am so excited to be a part of #WFGAW even if I don’t look it in my primary color / ketchup & mustard modcloth chic look! As the only non-blogger / non-model of our trio, I use IG / FB as my “fashion microblog” and get so much inspiration from our dazzling community (you)! We all know it takes more *creativity* and *boldness* to express personal style in plus clothing, especially in extended sizes. I love sharing where I buy my clothes & can’t wait for all the new brands & styles to check out from gorgeous looks you ladies tag #whatfatgirlsactuallywear. Xo 😘 ______________ #whatfatgirlsactuallywear #modcloth #ketchup #mustard #yellowandred #redandyellow #vintage #vibes #a0k #mermaid #mermaidlife #mermaids #fatshion #bodypositive #bopo #plussize #plusfashion #psfashion #fatbabe #fatfashion #plusisequal #curvesreign #honormycurves #selflove #effyourbeautystandards #plussizefashion #allbodiesaregoodbodies #psblogger #bigandblunt

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Hello! I’m Kobi (@kobi_jae) and i’m SO STOKED to be a part of WFGAW! This all began for me when I posted an enraged blog article at the end of last year and encouraged fat babes with rad style to post their outfit photos with the hashtag #whatfatgirlsACTUALLYwear. 👊🏻 Fast-forward 6 months later and I get SO MUCH INSPIRATION scrolling through the users of the tag! Add into the mix that i’ve been thinking for a while about joining forces with some sisters to create a resource that helps bring truly great fat fashion into the mainstream so that babes who also want inspiration (or perhaps need a bit more style guidance) can have access to a database of designers and shops that ACTUALLY GET THEM and their bodies. And it was by incredibly great fortune that my ladies @a0k and @hantisedeloubli are TOTALLY ON THE SAME PAGE and want the same thing!! ✨👯✨ So here we are – banding together to curate some super great posts for you, and assist with any questions about styling and beauty. We all come from different backgrounds, sizes and styles, and want this to be an inclusive space for people to explore what fashion and style means to them. Give us a follow, use the hashtag, and feel free to DM us your outfit photos for consideration, but PLEASE make sure they are all tagged with the currently shoppable items!! 💯💄💋 #whatfatgirlsactuallywear

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