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    Fatshion Real Talk

    5 Tips For Surviving Social Awkwardness (With the Help of a Magical Outfit)

    Horror Kitsch Bitch in a feminist "Grow a Pair" ovary muscle shirt by Valfré, with Mad Pax "I Scream You Scream" backpack.

    As somebody who intentionally decorates my body as a means of personal expression, I really don’t expect that people won’t compliment me or make comments about something i’m wearing or displaying on my body. This kind of attention is not the reason that I do it, but it is definitely a byproduct. Sometimes it’s exhausting and requires a lot of energy to engage with somebody in a manner that is gracious and grateful, but sometimes it’s a totally rad perk that helps me navigate through the world in a way that makes my extrovert side shine much brighter than my introvert.

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