About Me

Heya! I’m Kobi, and this blog is a body positive bundle of plus size fashion for all self-identifying fierce fatties – aspiring or already actualised. I’m so genuinely thrilled that you’re here!

A tiny bit about me:

I’m in the second half of my twenties and live in the most wonderful city in Australia; Melbourne. I both study and work in graphic & web design, as well as being a part time workshop technician in a special effects studio. But fashion… that owns my heart.

Do I care about fashion trends? Not unless they’re shiny. Do I follow runway shows? Not as a rule. Do I respect the work that goes into creating those incredible pieces of art? Very much. And that’s what it is to me – art. And getting dressed (most) days is a creative process that I simply adore.

Only recently have I been able to nail down a response to the question “how do you describe your style?”, and my ideal answer (which may be wishful thinking) is: Fran Fine meets Lucille Ball with a healthy dose of Wednesday Addams after she’s been on a school excursion to Harajuku.

Some of my other interests: B-grade horror & gore, the old Hollywood glamour found in film noir, fat cats, most calorie-laden food, special effects, Netflix, my ever-supportive boyfriend and wonderful friends, cheap red wine, biographical & historical fiction novels, anything associated with John Waters, and making things with my hands (and the adobe suite).

I also do a spot of modelling, because a) I love making art, and b) I love getting dressed up, and c) I believe if you are going to bitch about a lack of diversity then you need to have the gumption to stand up and represent what you’ve got on offer. And yes, I did just use the word gumption. And yes, I am a 1940’s spy detective.

A tiny bit about this blog:

This blog has existed since February 2014, and in that time i’ve met some truly incredible blogosphere people and been included on some very honourable lists, like Bustle, Buzzfeed and Mic.com. I’m also a founding member of the online community centred around the hashtag #alternativecurves, as well as a small group of women who use the hashtag #whatfatgirlsACTUALLYwear. Communities like these are very important to me, because I feel (due to social media) we’re on the precipice of being able to create a lot of change in this world, and it’s very, very exciting.

I WANT A REVOLUTION! I want to be a PART of that revolution! And I want you to be, too!

Let’s do this thing.

If you’re a weirdo/outcast/burning chunk of cheesecake love… please join me. Email me anything, comment and share, get involved. Lez be frenz!

Fierce and love,

Kobi x

Are you here for the unabridged version? Well! Grab a donut and take a seat…

Horror Kitsch Bitch began as a creative outlet and documentation of my journey to self-love through plus size fashion, but in time it exploded into a full-on passion and obsession! The fat activist/body positive community literally changed my life, and finally i’m stoked to be able to call myself one of it’s warriors – with a strong focus on fatshion.

“But Kobi, isn’t that a little contradictory? You’re telling people they can love themselves regardless of superficial constraints, yet you’re obsessed with decorating your body with fabrics and ink. How does that work?”, I hear you ask (or maybe it was the person sitting next to you – i’ve got a dodgy ear). Well, here’s the rub…

I believe plus size fashion is political. Pure and simple.

Our current society tells fat women (and fat people, all genders) that they are entirely unworthy of (amongst other things) love, respect, dope threads, and the right to autonomy over their body (diet, exercise etc). When I first started collecting body modifications at the age of 12, it was a way of attempting to regain control over my body and refusal to follow the rules (I went to a strict school, for one thing). As a creative being, i’ve always had an intense passion for costumes and fashion – although the latter always felt illegal, something I would never actually be allowed to participate in. But finding the body pos community and beginning a journey towards self actualisation has enabled me to finally allow myself to pursue these once-forbidden passions.

Why do I refer to myself as “alternative”?

Because I haven’t yet found a box that comfortably fits. To describe my style is to take a bunch of non-sequential whatnot and effusively mix; preferably shaken – and then stirred. Most of my wardrobe is either thrifted or by indie designers, but I am a flawed human: I sometimes shop fast fashion, and theoretically believe in the right to the option of being able to buy fast fashion. I get a sick little kick out of taking a mass-produced garment that 34,000 other people own, and either altering or styling it in such a way that makes it unique. Makes it just right, for me.

If you’ve made it this far – I congratulate you. Let’s party.
If you’ve made it this far and are still wanting to work with me? Double snaps – let’s work. Then party.

(Click here to find out what I can do, or click here to contact me for a digital media kit)

Fierce and love,

PS. Big love to Tara O’Brien for the illustrations that I used when designing my blog branding. She is an immense talent, and you should check her out.