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Patches, Pins & Buttons for bad-ass body positive feminists!

For the last 5 years I have had one of the raddest backpacks in the world. It’s grey-wash faux denim, huge in size (like, Mary Poppins would be jelly kind of huge) and I procured it for the measly sum of $5 at a discount outlet when I very first moved to Melbourne.

I covered it in patches and buttons (or “badges”, as we call the latter here in Australia), and every time a hole or tear would pop up, I will dutiful mend it. And then the straps started breaking. And then the entire base of the bag started to wear so thin I would have needed to replace the entire panel. This last stage happened right before I went to America, and whilst there I bought another version of the coolest backpack in the world.

Now i’m home and I think it’s time to just let bygones be bygones. I’m trying to be less attached to material possessions (probably a residual effect of going to boarding school at the age of 6), so i’ve decided to say goodbye to my old backpack. But! One of the joys of covering it in patches and pins is that I can strip them off and reuse them in some sort of a re-incarnation of my once precious side-kick.

I’ve been wanting to add to the collection, so have been doing a little research and have found A WORLD of the most amazingly awesome patches, pins & buttons that money can buy. I was mostly searching for “feminist” and “body positive”, but hey some of these are just totally epic in a way that embodies the essence of being a bopo feminist (even if not in direct relation).

So without further ado, feast your eyes on my wishlist (in no particular order) of sensational decorative embellishments!

1. “Support Your Local Girl Gang” by halfstitchembroidery


Available on Etsy











2. “DIY or DIE” by owlbus


Availble on Etsy
















3. “Whatever Forever” by Sarah M Lyons


Available via Sarah M Lyons














4. “Sounds Like Bullshit To Me” via LostThenFoundPatches


Available on Etsy















5. “Eat Cake” by Kaylyn Weir x Little Arrow Studio


Available via Little Arrow Studio


















6. “Hairy Legs” by TheFeltedFaun


Available on Etsy

7. “100% Organic Whoop Ass” by dahliasoleil


Available on Etsy





















8. “Double Trouble” by Gemma Flack


Available on Etsy
















9. “Back Fat is Bitchin'” by kirstywinters


Available on Etsy
















10. “Pucker Up, Creep” by Sugarbones


Available via Sugarbones












11. “My Cup of Tea” by ModernGirlBlitz


Available on Etsy











12. “Bloody Hell” by Live Sick Die Ill


Available via Live Sick Die Ill












13. “Catcall Me and I’ll Key Your Car, Motherfuck” by Live Sick Die Ill (because I just can’t get enough of their stuff)


Available via Live Sick Die Ill












14. “Riots Not Diets” by TheNerdyFeminist


Available on Etsy
















15. “Pit Hair – Don’t Care” by CreepyGals


Available on Etsy












16. “Make Herstory” by HexYourself


Available on Etsy










17. “Carb Queen” by Sabre Tooth Dream


Available via Sabre Tooth Dream













18. “Bad Luck Babe” by Sick Girls Official


Available via Sick Girls Official














19. “Fight Like a Girl” by Jade Boylan


Available on Etsy
















20. “Beat It, Creep” by Lillian Cuda


Available via Lillian Cuda














21. “Feminist” by kateslittlestore


Available on Etsy













Do you already own any of these? Or do you have any hot tips on other indie patch and pin creators that I can stalk?

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