Blogger Intentions

As i’ve mentioned, this blog began is a hobby and has grown into an epic passion of mine. I don’t do it with the sole intention of making money, but hey, wouldn’t it be nice to get paid to do the thing/s we love? At the bare minimum, this site costs me money to run – so it is ideally a revenue creating space, if just to cover my expenses.

That being said…

If it’s a sponsored post or I am reviewing an item, you can rest assured that it will 100% legitimately be my feelings on the item.

I need to always tell the truth, or else I will turn onto a giant pumpkin!

If you’re a prospective advertiser reading this: please bear that in mind. I will never accept scripted or “ghost written” articles.

I will sometimes receive a very small commission if you click certain links and make a purchase. But hey, that’s pretty fair, right? It doesn’t cost you any more than it would have, and I did help you find that super sweet thing (that if I don’t already own, I sure as shit wish I did…)!

But for real, if you have any issues or concerns with the integrity of my blog, please do contact me! I appreciate the feedback and am always open to having conversations about important things.

Ok that’s it – serious business hat off. Back to ze funs!