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    15 Colourpop Swatches (mostly Mattes) on a Redhead!

    Hi friends! Today, i’ve got another youtube video for you, but this time it’s something little different to the topics I usually cover here on Horror Kitsch Bitch…

    Makeup! Specifically, Colourpop lipsticks!

    I currently own fifteen Colourpop lippies (most of them matte, but a few satins and a lippie stix), and although they are super cheap and very easy to impulse purchase and trial, living in Australia means shipping costs are super high. This makes it a little bit more of a risky gamble than for those of you living in the USA.

    My usual method of deciding on a colour is 1) love at first sight, followed by 2) assessment of complexion appropriateness. With my hair and skin colour, this is where shit gets tricky.

    I haven’t yet found any beauty bloggers who swatch Colourpop lipsticks, who ALSO happen to have the same colouring as me. So I thought I might give it a crack! Since I’m dipping my toes into the land of vlogging, why not make a lipstick application video? Somebody else might find it useful!

    The colours I’ve swatched in the video below are; Trap (Ultra Matte), Frida (Lippie Stix), Kapow (Ultra Matte), Midi (Ultra Matte)Marshmallow (Ultra Satin)Koala (Ultra Matte)Ouiji (Ultra Matte), Bumble (Ultra Matte), Tulle (Ultra Matte), Creeper (Ultra Matte), Petit Four (Ultra Satin), Bedazzled (Ultra Matte), Jellies (Ultra Matte), Guess (Ultra Matte) and Dr. M (Ultra Matte).

    Although I think the video is pretty cute (and features a cameo from Gomez the Cat), I know some people would rather just quickly skim over photos, so there’s some of those below for your perusal.

    I also just placed another Colourpop order that has another 9 colours and some extra bits and bobs, so if you like this video (and/or find it useful), let me know and I’ll make another with my next haul! 🙂

    PS. Sorry about some of my weird faces… it’s actually a lot of pressure just taking straight on, close up photos of my face. All of my features look so strange to meeeee! Ha.

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