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    Revolution of Revulsion – H&M : you suck!

    Call me a tad naïve, but before I came to America I had the impression that it was approximately 1000 times easier for fat girls to get their hands on dope plus size threads than it is in Australia. Given how many “celebrity” indie designers this country holds (ok, ok – “celebrity” within the community), given how many more people in general there are, and given how much more buying power the plus size amongst them must have… I believed it was going to be a utopia of finally being able to shop in department stores, and excitedly stumbling across cute and trendy boutiques with a vast range of sizes. Like, all the time.

    Revolution of revulsion again H&M and other big fashion brands who see fit to take the money of plus-size consumers while continuing to tell them that they're undeserving of the same fashion trends as their straight sized counterparts
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