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    A Word of Advice: Just Wing It (feat. Japanese Plus Size Brand ‘Punyus’)

    Plus size fashion blogger Horror Kitsch Bitch's 5 Days of Punyus, featuring Japanese Plus Size Clothing Label by Naomi Watanabe

    Ok so this last post of my “5 Days of Punyus” spectacular was tremendously unsuccessful at being consecutive. WHOOPS. Can we just pretend I was letting the suspense build? For like, four months… *hides head in shame*

    The first week I was running late because of Melbourne Fashion Week Plus! Seriously, that shiz was OFF. THE. CHAIN! If you caught any of my musings on my Snapchat story, personal IG story, or the What Fat Girls Actually Wear story, you will know that the Australian plus fashion industry is incredibly small and neglected. I mean, we’re all trying. Really we are. But it’s like we’re years behind other countries when it comes to this field.

    But with MFW+, we just took a huge leap closer to the rest of the world.

    It was chic, it was lush, it was ACTUAL FASHION, it was COOL AS HELL. The vibe, the venue, the shows, the designers, not least the models (and no, I don’t have to say that – just cos I was one – hehe)…

    I had the pleasure of attending New York Fashion Week Plus last year, and (although it’s not a competition) I felt MFW+ was actually *dare I say* even more on point with what I would expect and want from a fashion event representative of such an inherently revolutionary and progressive industry.

    In addition to “ze fashun”: WE HAVE TO KEEP BUILDING OUR COMMUNITIES. I’ve never felt more passionate about the fact that every single contributor to events like these are participants in the creation of  a strong industry – our industry, which has been neglected for way too long.

    Woa, I feel like i’m on a propaganda soapbox. Sorry about that. I’ll climb down now.

    So, yah. Fashion is like, totally cool. Especially when it fits on my thick bod, and all the bods that are bigger and differently shaped to mine. Let’s have more, yah?

    In the meantime, definitely give MFW+ FB page a like so you can keep up to date with their next event.


    So another reason this post is so late (aside from working too much whilst finishing my degree and suffering medium-level life burnout) is that I’ve been teaching myself to use professional video editing software (cos like, why do things the easy way?) so that I can proudly bring you MY VERY FIRST VIDEO BLOG. And done that I have!

    Because it’s a pretty thorough 7.5 minute rant about Punyus (plus some excellent store footage and a magical outfit video segment at the end), I’m going to cut most of my usual written jargon and just leave you with the essential info below.

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