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    I’ve gone BANANAS for Lady V! (Review)

    Kobi Jae of plus size fashion blog Horror Kitsch Bitch in a blue vintage-styled retro dress covered in bananas from Lady V London's plus size range - Lady Voluptuous.

    Wowsers! The lovely folks at Lady V London offered to send me a dress from their ‘Lady Voluptuous’ (plus-size) range, after my last blog post about shopping alternatives to Modcloth. Better yet – they sent me a discount code to pass on to you. (Psst – it’s at the bottom of this post).

    If you follow me on Instagram etc, you probably know that I’m pretty obsessed with novelty prints. In fact, the more kitschy/garish/gawdy… the better!. So you can imagine how super stoked I was to scroll through Lady V’s delightful stuff and find a BANANA DRESS available! I feel, maybe, this is my soul dress?

    Banana print aside, I almost had a really hard time choosing, because they have such a beautiful range of vintage-esque dress cuts in a bunch of really fun fabrics… the styles have different names (mine is a “Phoebe” style and was designed by Georgina from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust), and different fabrics are available across different styles so you can find the perfect print and silhouette pairing.

    But I mentioned the banana print, right?! *dies*

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