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    Possible Alternatives to Shopping At Modcloth

    Kobi Jae of Horror Kitsch Bitch's guide to Modcloth Alternatives for Plus Size Vintage and Unique Fashion

    So by now, we’re all aware of the devastating news that Modcloth was purchased by, who is owned by Walmart. So, in other words, Walmart now owns Modcloth. YIKES. This is a severe blow to the plus size community, especially the babes on the higher end of the size spectrum. I am so sad for you all (and myself, too!).

    Aside from the obvious speculation about the question of future quality and cost, a lot of people have been bringing the age old question of ethics into play. I’m not here to tell you what I think is right or wrong. Heck, I even think the question of “ethics” is a privilege of the straight size world. Considering the severely limited (and exxy) access of fashion in the plus sphere, most of the foundations of ethics (aside from a baseline of human morality) is a luxury we are simply not afforded. Yet. (Viva la revolution)

    When I started researching possible alternatives to shopping at Modcloth, I hoped and expected to be able to put together a pretty extensive list of shops and boutiques that would perhaps come close to being able to fill the hole that not shopping at Modcloth will cause. Especially, as I mentioned, for those above a size 22. After all, asides from the small range of in-house Modcloth pieces, these garments are all coming from somewhere, right?!


    Well, I mean, right – obviously. But they are nigh on IMPOSSIBLE to be found outside the King Kong grip of Modcloth. I speculate that is because a lot of the small brands who happen to manufacture into the plus size range ONLY DO THIS for Modcloth because:

    1. they are guaranteed a huge and immediate audience, and effectively assured sales. And/or;
    2. Modcloth has made them participate in a contractual agreement of exclusivity.

    That’s rough, and where does it leave us? Up shit’s creek without a paddle, my dear friend. (Although, have I mentioned that i’m hard at work behind the scenes preparing to launch a plus size clothing venture?? Add your email and keep up to date, here!)

    As I mentioned, I’ve scoured the webz far and wide, and I’ve been looking for specifically quirky and cool (and some vintage/vaguely rockabilly) styles. Although nothing (at the moment) might fill the void of Modcloth, I hope you might find this list small companies helpful. And hey, it’s nice to help the indies out, too! Oh, and this list is in NO PARTICULAR ORDER!

    EDIT: There has been an overwhelming response to this post, and it warms my heart to think some people might be inspired to hunt out new places to shop. There have been lots of comments with further suggestions, so this list has been edited to add SIXTEEN additional suppliers, as well as get rid of one (Bernie Dexter, just FYI) whose owner supports neo-nazi activity. Nope, you don’t get our money. 

    The comments section here and on social media is filled with healthy debate on sizing and quality, so have a read around and as ALWAYS: please triple check all size charts for yourself. We all know a 4XL somewhere is different to a 4XL somewhere else, and I am only one person… I’m trying my best, but you’ll need to ensure sizing etc for yourself.  

    Also, I do have a DESIGNERS AND SHOPS I HEART page right here that has lots of other great places that aren’t necessarily “Modcloth-esque”, so if you’re looking for more shopping inspo, check that out, too! xx


    One of my very favourite dresses in the whole world is by this brand, and I got it off Modcloth! I’m so happy to know they are available otherwise. They go up to a 4XL and have the most lovely fabric designs. Edit: I know own 3 Retrolicious dresses. Check this other one out!


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