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    Let’s Hear It For New York

    (feat. Isolated Heroes & Interrobang Art)

    Horror Kitsch Bitch in Isolated Heroes Cyber Barbie Faux Fur Jacket, Green Teggings and Interrobang Art Hologram Skater Dress with matching boots from UrbanOG

    True story: I still get nervous in front of the camera, especially if there’s a “high risk” chance of passersby seeing me strut my stuff. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like i’m an internationally acclaimed model or high profile bitch of any sort. I’m just talking about the various times me and my pal Sam furtively glance around and drop our bags on the sidewalk, after which I (sometimes awkwardly) attempt to vogue and mince like nobody’s watching. And often, no one is.

    Except in damn New York City.

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