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Femme Fatale – Deluxe Edition


My word, it’s been some time since I’ve blogged! As you may know from my last post, I was being interviewed for a very exciting job in graphic design – and I got it! So that now means juggling 3 jobs with full time uni… I must be off my rocker!

As well as that, my beau finally moved to Melbourne, and we’ve been gallivanting around making people absolutely SICK with our smoochiness and not even feeling bad about it.

AND, since i’ve last blogged – if we’re Instagram friends, you may already know – we had Curvy Couture at Melbourne Fashion Festival in which I VERY excitedly made my runway debut. ON MY BIRTHDAY. Surrounding by so many of my incredibly beautiful fatshion sisters, my best friends, and my family from interstate. Such a lucky girl, I am!! There will be an extensive blog post to follow, when I get back from Byron Bay Bluesfest in 10 days (it’s a yearly ritual – last year’s post can be found here). ZOMG life is nuts right now!

HorrorKitschBitch_FemmeFatale_01As you may have guessed, the Alternative Curves blog hop theme this month is Femme Fatale, and I actually found this dress a couple of month’s ago in Savers and knew straight away what I wanted it for. It’s just taken all of my personal restraint to not wear it out until I could debut it here. But now – THE DRESS HAS BEEN UNLEASHED! I’m gonna SLEEP in this baby!






If you don’t know much about the film noir genre, may I suggest you begin with this list – The 15 Best Noir Films of the 1940’s. There are some absolute BEAUTIES on here! If you’ve seen any, please let me know which your favourites are. I think mine are probably ‘Sorry, Wrong Number’ and ‘Mildred Pierce’.

Big thanks and love to Sam for snapping my photos!



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