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I‘m not going to fib – I was a little nervous about this month’s Alternative Curves theme! I mean, is “90’s Mall Witch” an actual thing?Like, a thing that really cool girls know about, and I just don’t?


It spat out minimal results, so I just took this Buzzfeed quiz (I am Nancy Downs, duh) and mused on the whole 90’s fashion thing that’s super on trend right now…

I guess there are certain elements of my style that are kind of 90’s, but I definitely wouldn’t say it’s a trend that i’m heavily into. Granted, I was only born in 1988, but it probably more has to do with the fact that the look so heavily revolves around styles that conventionally “work” on thinner bodies… But i’ve seen a few fat babes using #alternativecurves on Instagram and totally rocking the 90’s grunge look (not to mention the other blogger babes below), so the inspiration started to flow.

Anyways, I was pretty sure i’d have the witch aspect in the bag, so I prayed to Mano and popped to Savers to find myself something quintessentially 90’s. That’s where I found this dress – something I would have totally looked past any other time, but on this occasion I fell in love. The wrap around vest front actually kills me (in the good way), and I swear I remember my mum having one of these dresses. I might reproduce the style in a few funky textiles, what do you think?

Would you wear this dress? Did your mum own one? Haha! Make sure to check out the other blog hop babes below, and of COURSE join in! If you have a blog, get on board. Or if you use Instagram, be sure to hashtag and let everyone know it’s your OOTD theme of the month!

Also, big love to Sam for taking these photos, and to Nick for this new(ish) lens that i’m so in love with!

As above, so below.
Kobi x



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