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I Love ‘We Love Colors’! (Review)

I’ve been hearing about the hosiery from We Love Colors for quite some time, so when the folks offered to send me a few pairs to try out and review, I was like HELLS TO THE YEAH. It’s currently winter here in Australia and my tights and leggings supply is in tragic need of an overhaul. I have quite a few pairs of Teggings (which I just adore), but I was hoping to find a supply with a really wide range of colours.

My 4 top priorities when shopping for tights and leggings are:

  1. Comfort. Which, for me, comes down to size. Which means “are they designed for an actually plus size body, or are they just a vaguely XL version of straight size?”. I’ve been burned too many times by the latter!
  2. Colours. I dream of the day I own a supply of tights in every colour and shade of the rainbow… I want a pair of leggings for every outfit in my wardrobe. It’s good to have goals, right?
  3. Quality. I’m in this game for the long haul – give me stuff that lasts at least one season. The moar, the better!
  4. Price. Given that I hope to achieve point #2, I need my hosiery to be at a decent price point. Don’t get me wrong, I know you get what you pay for. But I feel that people in the plus size sphere of shopping are too often taken advantage of – crap quality with high price points, because we have so few options.

So how does We Love Colors compare to my (very scientific – hehe) rating system?

  1. Comfort. Maximum. These babies are actually fantastic. I was super skeptical when I got the tie-dyed ones out of the packet because they seemed to stretch out to a size that might only just fit my cat. But I got them on and WOW they are lush.
  2. Colours. They. Have. So. Many. I am hyperventilating. And reaching for my credit card.
  3. Quality. I haven’t owned and washed them for very long yet, but to the touch (and with careful inspection) they seem pretty fab. I will keep reporting on them in future blog posts and over on The Gram.
  4. Price. Wonderful! They have a bunch of different price points that beat the heck out of City Chic’s winter legging offerings (eye rolls). Plus, their shipping is VERY, VERY REASONABLE. And they have heaps of promos too. Amaze!

Kobi Jae of Horror Kitsch Bitch reviews the tights and leggings of We Love Colors

On the left I’m wearing these standard black tights in a size 3X (they go up to a 6/7X – huzzah!). However, I’ve layered them with the We Love Colors Lurex Glitter Fishnets (which are only US$10!) in their 1-3X combo size.

On the right I’m in the Splash Microfiber tights, again in the 1-3X combo size. Now, the 1-3X seems to be their largest size in a few of these styles, but I also have to say they could probably fit a body a bit bigger than mine, especially in the hips and butt section. These are comfortably snug but still have quite a bit of stretch left in them. I would contact We Love Colors directly if you’re unsure of your sizing… I’m sure they’d be keen to help you out!

This is a gifted (not sponsored) post, but I’m always 1000% honest in my opinions… a positive review CANNOT be bought. If I say I love something, I really truly love it. Ditto for the opposite. *cat hiss*

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