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    Alternative Curves Fatshion

    We’re All Born Naked… And The Rest Is Drag!

    Greetings, fellow fatshion lovers! I come to you today from the comfort of my bed, surrounded by candy wrappers and books about fashion and feminism. It’s a cruel world, ain’t it? This is the final month on the Alternative Curves blog hop calendar, and at present it is fairly undecided as to whether we will be continuing on with the hop. Life gets life-y, and then hops don’t get hoppy, and sometimes it’s just better to take a little break and reassess. In the meantime, the hashtag and account over on Instagram will always continue to be a gorgeous community of fierce and supportive babes, so please do join in!

    The theme this month is Drag Queen, and well, I just ADORE the art of drag. My favourite Queen of all time is Divine, and I often think I should devote my life to being a Bio-Queen. But I also have a fuckton of other things i’d like to accomplish, so instead I just try to inject some Drag Queen Realness into my everyday life! (y)

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