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    Fatshion Review

    Pretty in Pink (feat. Yankee Sweetheart)

    Horror Kitsch Bitch featuring Yankee Sweetheart Vintage Pinup Jewellery

    Greetings, bloggy friends! I’m slowly settling back into my Australian life, but making ALL THE PLANS to be back to the USA (and hopefully Europe) in no time at all! Now, to remember which Gringotts vault is mine… *rubs chin*

    I was gifted this adorable little necklace from my friend Lexi DeRock, who is one of those annoying all rounders, y’know? She’s like “i’m an amazing hair and makeup artist, AND i’ve written a book on both those things, AND i’m a fabulous photographer, AND a jewellery designer, AND I can make my own clothes, AND i’m a really fun person to be around…” etc etc. I really hate her. NOT. In fact, I kind of want to be her… Shh don’t tell!

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