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I’ve had 2 people in 2 days ask me if i’ve lost weight, and it got me thinking: a year ago, I would have taken that as SUCH a compliment. Now, it’s left me with really mixed feelings that i’m having trouble putting my finger on. “No, I haven’t”, I reply. Then I hold my tongue when what I want to add is “and I haven’t been trying to, because I don’t feel the need. And if you’re detecting an extra quality of ‘attractiveness’, perhaps it’s increased confidence?”.

Which ties in with this incident:

Last week, I posted on Facebook that I had bought a bikini, and the response I got was a little overwhelming. People I don’t even usually have communications with were liking and commenting, and it surprised me to notice that I had these feelings:

1. Honoured that people were taking the time to support me doing something brave and scary

2. Sad that it was so obviously considered “brave and scary” by so many people. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s considered brave and scary by ME. But the response I got reiterated the fact that our society inherentely does not consider people outside of a certain mould, entitled to wear and behave what and how they want.
But i’m feeling a change, so it’s definitely happening. So excited for what’s to come and that arena!
Speaking of bikinis, I ended up getting an email from the Customer Service liaison at swimsuits for all. It said this:
SO MUCH EXCITEMENT! I am going to Queensland this week, and it will be warm, and we’ll be going to Magnetic Island, so: BIKINI TIME!
But then, my package arrived and… devastation! It only had the bottoms in it!! (Which, by the way, are AMAZING – here’s a peek…)
So I emailed the company again to tell them how disappointed I was (again), and I got this back:
To which I replied and thanked them so much for the kind gesture, but since it’s coming from the US, I will be gone and back before it even gets back into the country. To which Samantha very promptly replied with this:
So, all in all, they are strangely incompetent, but are delightfully wonderful in attempting to make ammends. Provided I get the new bikini (which I believe I will), I wouldn’t be hesitant in ordering from this company again, or to recommend it. The only thing I would suggest is, don’t try and order on a short time frame for a special occasion.
Other exciting things that are happening at the moment:
  • I ended up going to the Hey Fatty market on the weekend before last, and I met the 2 WONDERFUL LADIES who run it! They are total babes, and they gave me a free pair of their undies, which I am sporting wildly here!
  • Check out their website:
    I also got 2 ADORABLE vintage dresses! I was going to photograph them, but I want to wait till I do an OOTD with them so they get the time and accessorising effort they deserve.
  • Speaking of OOTD, I decided to just DO IT. I did. I did it today. I rushed out the door to meet my friend for breakfast, so I have no makeup on or anything, but when I got home, all full of bacon and feeling motivated by a couple of coffees, I just set my tripod up and took a couple of snaps on my shitty camera.
Here they are:


Unicorn Jumper ~ Jay Jays (I know, right?!)

Lime Green Cut Offs ~ Kmart
Tights ~ random cheap shop
Tartan Boots ~ random cheap shop
Octopus Necklace ~ a pop up stall at my local shopping center – made of stainless steel, the latest and greatest thing: no polishing needed, EVER. Doesn’t he have an adorable grumpy face?!
  • I finally hauled ass to IKEA and got a couple of large frames for my STUNNING Hilda prints! I need to get some black matting to put behind them, but here’s the one that’s hanging above my bed:
These prints are actually vintage calendar pages from the 1970’s. A company called Brown & Bigelow used her as their mascot, and I think their tag line is pretty cute:
“Bulging with Value… Never Slim on Service”
If you don’t know who Hilda is, this is the most complete collection of her available:
This is part of a thing i’m slowly doing, to make my room a really wonderful place to be – a true sanctuary, so I can be surrounded by stuff that makes me happy and inspires me. Stay tuned for a few more things!
  • A have finally enrolled in A Beautiful Mess’s BLOG DESIGN ECOURSE! I’m only on the first lesson, and i’m trying not to skim ahead because I really want to absorb it all properly, but it seems so great. BIG THINGS COMING!
  • Lastly, I arrived home from breakfast to a package from Amazon, of 2 books that I ordered a while ago and had forgotten about! I forget where I read about them (I think it was probably that babe The Nearsighted Owl:, but I knew immediately that I wanted to devour them, so I popped on over to Amazon and purchased them. So excited to read, will review asap!
  • Lastly, I’m going to QLD tomorrow for one of my best friend’s birthdays. I’m sure it will be a great time, but especially excited to give her her birthday present. It’s so rad, I wanted to keep it. But I won’t. Here it is:
That’s all for now. What? Isn’t that ENOUGH?!
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