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Y‘know those “FUCK YEAH” moments, when something just resonates so perfectly and deeply inside that it makes you slightly more than metaphorically bounce off the walls with sheer delight and excitement?
Like, even more than finding $10 in your jacket pocket from the last time you wore it.
Or even more than when you’ve eaten the last cookie in the jar, but then discover that there’s one more sneaky little fucker hiding in a crevice that your hand missed on it’s last sweep.

Or, like… eh never mind. You’ve probably got the point.

Let me spell it out: this shirt is THE SHIT. The second I saw it, I KNEW it would be mine. I’ve slept on Chubby Cartwheels for TOO LONG (well, it wasn’t an actual nap, it’s just that shipping to Australia is always so damn expensive – damn this ginormous, isolated island of convicts!) and it was time to rectify the error of my ways.


As you can see, i’m heaps jiving on myself in this tee. Yes, I was a little drank (as was the photographer – thanks Sam, my love).

But real talk; this message is very important to my heart. Understanding that the ‘diet industry’ exists solely to profit from making us all feel like shit about ourselves was a massive revelation in my early days of discovering the concept and community of body positivity. And for me, defiantly deciding that I was no longer going to be a cog in that wheel was a tremendously empowering and necessary step in my journey of self acceptance.

So, fuck yeah i’m wearing this shirt with pride. And you know what else? It’s an interesting conversation piece, too! For instance, I had a very dapper gentlemen give me massive props and a high five for it. However, he did then proceed to tell me he had an idea for a shirt that was something along the lines of “i’m not fat, i’m Italian”, which I thought was really cute if not kind of missing the mark. But hey – a body pos warrior is a warrior none the less. Fight the good fight, cute Italian guy in fedora!

If you haven’t already, you should definitely check out Chubby Cartwheels stuff. In fact, she just released her Curves Reign collection and I am HARDCORE LUSTING after the Boleyn dress that looks so dang incred on uber-babe Courtney Mina Stormborn (aka Khaleesidelrey).

Whatchu reckon? Teal, or purple?!


SHIRT: Chubby Cartwheels (d’uh, can’t you read good?!)
SKIRT: secondhand from fatty swap (but gorgeous handmade ones from this Etsy seller)
BELT: Target (similar available from Eloquii)
JEWELLERY: from Bangkok (but tonnes of cuties on Etsy)
BOOTS: thrifted (vaguely similar ones from Steve Madden)
JACKET: Target (similar currently at City Chic and ASOS Curve)
LIPSTICK: Kryolan Cream Liner (can’t find Emerald – but Sea Greenis lush!)


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