New Vision, Who Dis? (Review of Optically Eyewear)

A couple of months ago I suddenly started getting bad, daily headaches – an anomaly for me, being someone who (aside from migraines, which are totes different) doesn’t usually suffer from the average garden variety brain ache. These headaches, in conjunction with some funky eye dryness (which turned out to just be seasonal/allergy related), led me to go and get my eyes checked for the first time in… well, at least 12 years. *gulp*

Here’s a little backstory for you: when I was 6 I was prescribed reading glasses, and I wore them on and off until I was in high school.

I always found them to be more of a hindrance than a help, but in my memory they were also uncomfortable, awkward (bifocals, lol), and sweaty on my face. So I discarded them, and to be honest I still feel like I have excelsior eyesight. I can read street signs far in the distance, and I can spot a candy bar in someone’s pocket from at least 100 meters away. #skillz

So, with this mistrust in the accuracy/honesty of the optometry profession (sorry to any readers who are eye care professionals), when I went to get my eyes checked a couple o’ months ago, I completely lied and said I’d never worn glasses. I told the truth about not having any vision issues, the headaches, and the dry eye, but I didn’t want the knowledge that I’d ever worn glasses to potentially sway the outcome.

Well. It turns out I basically have 20/20 far away vision, slightly less in one eye for close up, and the other is even slightly weaker than that. The eye doctor prescribed me a .25+ and .75+ pair (so, bugger all) with anti-glare lenses for counteracting computer screens. Then they took me out into the glorious room of frames and tried to sell me two pairs for around $300. HA!

As much as I’m ok with the idea of having to wear glasses if necessary (especially for aesthetic purposes, cos I reckon girls in glasses are super fly), I was like yeah nah to forking out that much moolah… So I took my prescription and asked some of my glasses-wearing friends about ordering online (I heard it was the latest trend in quality yet affordable prescription eyewear). Alack, alas; the places they recommended looked a bit sketch. Still kind of expeno, not very stylish frames, not a large selection, or in a very far away country.

So I put the idea aside and decided to maybe deal with it in the future. I’ve survived this long without them, right?


And then one day I got an email from Optically (Glasses Online), asking me if I’d like to review some of their women’s glasses. I popped online and was super impressed with them: Australian company, delicious prices, epic range, even designer glasses (ooh la la!). It seemed like kismet… so I was said yes.

I had such a hard time choosing just one pair, but I settled on these bad boys and have been wearing them at work… and feeling like a total Joan (Holloway).

Now that I’ve started down this path, you know your girl Kobi – I’m probably going to need a pair for every outfit. And given how affordable they are (the cheapest pair are AU$19 including prescription!), that is a totally realistic thing to make happen…

Speaking of which, here’s a link to the beauties that I’m wearing, but i’m sure you’re going to have tonnes of fun exploring on your own. The site is well structured and easily filterable (is that a word?), so it’s easy to feel like a kid in a candy store.

I initially went through and added every single rad pair to my wishlist, then I did a couple of rounds of narrowing down to end up with a handful of frames I was legit splooshing over. Finally, I went into the finer details of measurements etc. of each frame, and tried out their sort of daggy but still totally helpful digital “try on” feature. Hehe!

The human I’ve been dealing with is totally rad and really helpful, as I imagine most of the team are. They can help you out with measuring and ordering, and any other tech/functional questions you’ve got. From placing my order to receiving it was about two weeks, and it came in this super adorable case.

They also have a bunch of frames that are part of a “free 10 day home trial” situation. You can choose four pairs, they’ll ship them to you within 24 hours, and you have 10 days to prance around at home, modelling them into the mirror. When you’ve decided what you want, you place your order and send the trial pairs back in a prepaid box. Amaze! I’m so impressed with this setup…

Anyways, the moral of the story is, I AM NOW A GLASSES GAL! But I sure as shit ain’t paying full retail for these bad boys, cos the world is changing and we no longer have to overpay for this sort of stuff. YASSSS QUEEN.

So if you need prescription glasses (and/or prescription sunglasses) or even just plain glass fashion ones (no judgement here, boo), check out Optically cos I’m seriously impressed and they have a lifelong customer in me! <3


This is a sponsored post, but I’m always 1000% honest in my opinions… a positive review CANNOT be bought. If I say I love something, I really truly love it. Ditto for the opposite. *cat hiss* h

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