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    Fatshion Review

    Take Me to Your Disco Moth Queen (feat. Candy Strike)

    Spotlight on the Death Moth Skater Skirt by Candy Strike. The second in a series of 3 blog posts on, featuring this skirt and it's matching crop top in 3 different outfits!

    Candy Strike’s Death Moth outfit, featuring the skater skirt in


    Ok so no word of a lie, this skirt makes me want to TWIRL! As you can SEE! It’s a super light and super soft fabric, and I just LOVE to feel the swoosh of air. I’ve also doubled down the elastic waist-band because the width looked kind of funny on my shape – but that’s the beauty of an elastic waist! Manipulate to your will!

    I know a lot of bloggers who show different ways to wear different ways tend to have a “day to night” focus. I don’t really know how to do that because I often wear the same things at night as I would during the day (read: I like getting dressed up alllll the time, not just when the sun goes down! >.<), but if I had to: I would say this look is closest to my “evening” look. I guess cos sequins?

    Anyways, this top is actually a super short body con dress (you can catch a glimpse of the dress bottom in the top photo – just) that I got off eBay a number of years ago as part of a cosplay I was doing, and i’ve literally never worn it since. Mostly because i’ve been (and am still slightly) terrified of body cons. But you know what? I think it might almost be time to work that puppy into my regular wardrobe. What say you? I mentioned sequins, right?

    The bow is from Sweet As Candy Vintage, and I simply adore her stuff. I also wore this bow last year when my band performed at Tess Munster’s Melbourne Meet & Greet (coincidentally – also in the Candy Strike “Thick Chick” Crop!), and she created my beautiful flower crown that you’ve probably seen here and here. If you like statement headwear, you should definitely check out her stuff!

    If you missed look number one (both pieces together), remember to check it out! And stay tuned for the finale instalment on Wednesday, with a feature on the crop top! x


    DISCLAIMER: In case you didn’t guess, this is a sponsored post, but as always: opinions are entirely my own and as much as I love fashion, my thoughts and feelings cannot be purchased. I love this because I love this, not for any other reason!

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